Everything has a story: you, me, and even the chair you are currently sitting in. Perhaps one of the greatest stories is that of wood. Think about it: for decades, even one hundred years or more, wood is growing as a tree in a forest. Like you and me, it is affected by the seasons, by the weather, and by the sun. 

One Story Ends, and Another Begins

And then that tree is cut down, chopped up, and left to dry. Eventually, that wood is sliced, sanded, and stained, finding its way into a table or chair. Or maybe it serves a less noble, but still important, role of a stud or floor joist or roof truss. Either way, the story of that wood continues for many more decades; this time, however, as part of something greater. 

This story, just like the tree’s, will end at some point. The furniture will fall into disuse or damaged beyond repair. The house will burn or be torn down. And just like that, the hundred-plus year journey of the wood will end. But it doesn’t have to end here.  

Continuing the Story

The goal of Redeemed Creative is to continue telling this story. We find beauty in discarded, undesired wood, whether it is in old furniture, construction grade lumber, and even shipping pallets. And we seek to redeem this discarded material by using it in woodworking projects for the home. 

Join Our Story

We’d love if you’d join our story of reclaiming and redeeming wood. You can follow us on Instagram for all our latest projects, visit our Etsy store where we sell some of our creations, and you can connect with us personally on Twitter

Behind the Scenes

The man behind Redeemed Creative is Brandon Schmidt. He’s a husband, father, writer, and woodworker living in Lancaster, PA. He loves Jesus, his family, and finding great deals on tools. He’s always looking for more wood, new projects, and clamps.