Giant Jenga for Outdoor Parties


This past weekend was Fourth of July (also known as the original #brexit), and we went to several BBQ and outdoor parties. One of them was at my in-laws’ house, and I was to help with the outdoor activities. So I decided to build a giant set of stacking towers, also known as Jenga.

Building a DIY Giant Jenga

I had built a giant Jenga set a few years ago, but I needed a new one for this party. What’s great is that it takes minimal materials (just 6 2x4s at 8 feet long each), minimal tools (miter saw and sandpaper), and can be done in a day. This time I added a router with a roundover bit to better shape the edges and make them smooth. This resulted in a much better finished product.

Watch Me Build a Giant Stacking Tower in 3 Minutes

Instead of photos from the build, I shot some video. Here it is sped up to quicken the monotony of doing the same step 54 times:

Since this was a rush job (I made it on Saturday for a Sunday afternoon party), I was happy with how they turned out. In the future I want to add some paste wax to them to see how it affects game play. And since I already have another order scheduled, I now have the opportunity to see if I can further fine tune this process.

giant Jenga diy
Here I am at the party with the massive tower we build during a game of Jenga

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